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Tony Ip
Management Trainee
The Sino Group Corporate Management Trainee Programme is a well-structured and balanced programme. During the 20-month training, you will be able to understand the operations of the core business units and supporting teams of the Group and gain practical working experience. Before starting my final attachment in Legal Department, I have been attached to Residential Leasing and Olympian City Property Management Teams. My job roles have been diversed and rewarding, from conducting negotiations with tenants in our extensive portfolio of properties to helping organize the World Cup events at Olympian City. On top of these, management has often engage us in special projects, enabling us to directly provide suggestions on ways to further improve company’s products and services.
To grow a sustainable business, a sustainable community comes first. The several pillars of corporate social responsibility of the Group align with my personal values, which I am glad to have the chance to participate in various projects. Sino Care, for example, organises a wide range of activities aiming to connect with the community, such as sports, art crafts and cooking classes etc.. I have yet to explore them all!
If you are looking for exciting challenges and possibilities as a fresh graduate, Sino Group is the right place for you.
Tony Ip