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Jacky Kong
Management Trainee
Gleaming lights, weather-controlled environment, destination for weekends… All these are common impression on shopping malls in the “Shopping Paradise”. Also being dubbed as the “Concrete Jungle”, residential and commercial skyscrapers mushroom in the city, flourishing like flowers in the bush and competing with each other to be the spotlight. Real Estate has always fascinated me, as it is something that immersed into my life. Thus, I have decided to join this field after my graduation.

It took me a great step to welcome the change from studying to working. Having been staying in the greenhouse-like school for a long time, working exposed me to a myriad of new environment, experience, people, and many more. Not all knowledge learnt can be applied, whereas some tasks can go beyond your knowledge. The tremendous challenge astonished, saddened, excited me… A distinguishable feature of Sino MT programme is the many support given by the company. Many trainings were provided to polish my knowledge and skills in and beyond the workplace, which helped me to embrace challenges that stroke me.

Sino MT programme provided me with lots of different opportunities that one probably cannot have in other programmes alike. During the programme, not only do MTs have the chance to rotate in different departments to get a better understanding of company functions, but we could also have chances to work with senior management staff and share our feedback with them. The company is very supportive to the career and personal development of MTs, with an aim to prepare us well to take up more important roles in the company in the future.

My first attachment in the company was Sales Operation. I was involved in sales of residential projects and engaged in various processes from market research in office to project presentation to clients in show flats. The exposure enabled me to understand the whole process of residential sales in Hong Kong. We, as MTs, were often asked about innovative ideas and suggestion for improvements, giving us ample opportunities to voice out opinions and initiate changes.

I embarked on this Sino journey. Are you ready to follow my footsteps?
Jacky Kong