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Dorothy Ng
Management Trainee
Every fresh graduate can recall that complicated state of mind throughout the job-hunting process – sometimes passionate and ambitious, sometimes lost and frustrated. I am grateful that I eventually made it to Sino’s Corporate Management Trainee Programme to kick-start my career.
Sino has a well-structured MT Programme that allows us to rotate among Sales & Marketing, Leasing and Property Management in 20 months. I am now in my first attachment at Residential Leasing. It is an eye-opening experience to visit various properties of Sino and handle new letting and renewal cases. It has sharpened my negotiation skills during my communication with tenants and external contractors. I am also responsible for marketing-related tasks such as organizing tenant’s talent sharing event, paying home visit to tenants and revamping the official website. These precious opportunities have enabled me to equip myself with essential skillsets at workplace and improve my business acumen, which strengthened the all-round quality required for a MT.
I truly appreciate how Sino manages balance the importance between running a business and emphasizing sustainable development and community work. Every year, tremendous efforts are spent to reduce waste generation, support green facilities and building design, and organize CSR activities such as Charity Walk and Festive Home Visits.
While there is a great variety of trainings and workshops tailor-made for MT, what’s more attractive to me is the caring and supportive atmosphere of Sino. HR, mentors and colleagues are so helpful in giving me advice on both career development and personal growth. People are always the most valuable asset of a company and this is the reason why I choose Sino in the first place.
Dorothy Ng