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Mary Tso
Assistant Manager, Leasing Department
‘Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get’ As a Management Trainee, the enriching journey at Sino Group is exactly like a box of chocolates. I guarantee you that the journey is full of surprises and fascinating experience.
I served my first and second attachment in property management in Olympian City and industrial leasing in Kwun Tong. Last but not least, my third attachment was in office leasing to develop in-depth insight on leasing procedures and documents. With guidance from senior supervisors and mentors, I was given plenty of opportunities to develop fundamental skills for both my career and personal growth. I did enjoy great flexibility to be rotated to various core business under the Group across various locations in Hong Kong.
As a Management Trainee, there are many occasions for me to engage in special projects and sales activities. I have participated in large scale handover project in Wan Chai and popular sales launch of residential properties in Fanling. The valuable experience equips me with a better understanding in handover and sales launch and helps me develop into a well-rounded person.
What I enjoy most is taking part in various corporate social responsibility activities.  I visit elderly center, underprivileged families and people in need through home visits, workshops and other fund-raising activities.
If you would like to have a box of chocolates full of surprises, the journey as a Management Trainee in Sino Group will be this box as it provides you with extensive exposure in property core businesses. Come join us and share the happiness of this chocolate box.
Mary Tso