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Heidi Ma
Senior Officer (Retail Marketing & Promotions), Leasing Department
After I joined Sino as a management trainee, I was assigned to Office Leasing Team as my first attachment where I was given opportunities to participate in tenancy negotiations. I am now currently attached to the Property Management Department at Hong Kong Gold Coast. And I was pleased to be given a chance to plan as well as to organize the year-round clubhouse activities for our residents.
Being a management trainee, I was provided with opportunities to acquire professional knowledge and soft skills and to gain valuable experience through all on-the-job and off-the-job trainings and events, such as Leasing Academy, management seminars, coaching sessions and business dinners. Moreover, apart from attachment duty, management trainees could always get involved in special assignments enabling us to gain wider exposure outside the office. Those assignments include handover of our newly developed residential projects, corporate social responsibility events, and presentations to the top management on our research and findings on specific topics.
More importantly, as a fresh graduate, I deeply appreciate that Sino provides a really caring work environment where we receive a lot of guidance from our top management and support colleagues; and of course, last but not least, I must not forget our management trainee buddies who always have each other’s back throughout all the tasks and challenges.
Heidi Ma