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Ginny Au
Manager, Leasing Department
Fresh graduates lack experience. Luckily, Sino Group provides us with numerous opportunities to learn and grow. In the Corporate Management Trainee Program of Sino Group, we are able to work in different major departments, including Property Management, Leasing, Marketing and so on, which enable us to observe and experience business operation from different perspectives. Besides, the wholehearted coaching from senior management and colleagues also greatly enriches our work experience.
Looking back to my attachment in the marketing and promotions team of Olympian City, I did gain a lot. At first, as I was unfamiliar with the venues, I was confused when the team discussed upcoming activities in the mall. Luckily, having the guidance from the senior management and colleagues, I learnt much about marketing and promotion for malls and tips of organizing events. After this fruitful learning, I was able to handle casual leasing events independently. This program does give me great job satisfaction and practical experience.
Apart from job rotation, the Group has also arranged different learning opportunities for us like participating in the handover and sales of properties etc., which enable us to taste and experience different roles in the industry.
Are you enthusiastic in the property industry? Do you want to enrich your lives and work experience? If so, the Corporate Management Trainee Program of Sino Group is your first choice to start your career.
Ginny Au