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Elaine Chan (2016 Intake)
Senior Officer, Sales Department
First experience is always unforgettable and thought-provoking. Our first graduate job not only signifies our turning from studentship into working class, it also shapes our work modes, affects our skills of dealing with people and communication/presentation style. Therefore, as the old saying goes, a good start is halfway to success. I am glad to have my first graduate job in Sino where I can contribute to, learn and grow in my ideal career field.
During the past year, I have been seconded to industrial leasing and Citywalk property management teams. I am now in retail leasing, and surprisingly can also get involved in the planning of a new mall project in Chengdu, China. Apart from the attachment tasks, I participated in the handover of a new residential project, car park sales, event-planning of the Group’s loyalty programme, Sino Club, as well. With such diversified work, we, new joiners, are able to get an overview of different business units and build up relationship with colleagues from different teams within a short period of time.
On top of the daily work tasks, MTs are given tremendous opportunities to broaden our horizon and social network by joining CSR activities such as home-visits during festivals, mentorship programme with primary school kids, charity walks and run; participation in external management talks, gala dinner organized by different business associations etc. In short, you will keep embraced by fresh and eye-opening experiences in Sino.
While the work nature should be more or less the same, what differentiates Sino from other real estate MT programmes is its humanity. You can feel such culture back to the career seminar session for MT candidates in our Royal Pacific Hotel. During the training period, mentors and supervisors unreservedly provided valuable career advice, helped us discover our strengths and weaknesses, and bridged the gap with other teams in Sino. Besides, HR also provided comprehensive training to help our adaption in new workplace and facilitates our personal growth and professional career development. In addition, Sino treasures and respects staff’s opinions a lot by holding town hall and frontline staff meetings and setting up online suggestion box.
Still struggling where to embark your career journey? Sino will no doubt be the right choice for you!  

Elaine Chan (2016 Intake)