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Sino Group Presents Its First Upcycled Learning Centre

Sino Group is delighted to present the Group’s first upcycled Learning Centre located at Tsim Sha Tsui Centre, which has been renovated and updated using new sustainability practices.

Completed in collaboration with Miniwiz, an environmental innovation company, the Learning Centre features sustainable materials including fibreboards upcycled from 160 kg of towels, bed sheets and uniforms contributed by Sino Hotels.  The fibreboards, used as door lining for its sound-absorbing property, are easy to fit and can be recycled for other uses in future, in addition to engendering a sense of belonging with the familiar tangerine colour originating from staff uniforms.

Attention has also been paid to other details, such as laser projectors, which are more energy efficient than LED TVs.

‘At Sino, sustainability is integral to our business and operations as we strive to build an environmentally sustainable community. This is a test bed project for us to weave sustainability into our daily operations to create a better training environment for colleagues. We are committed to building a better community together,’ remarks Mr Daryl Ng, Deputy Chairman, Sino Group.

To download the video on the upcycled Learning Centre, please click here.