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Hong Kong Innovation Foundation Officially Launched
  • Empowering young generations to break through limits with innovation

  • 2000 enrolment places offered for students from underprivileged families in 2018

  • On-site competition and voting for ‘Most Popular App Award’

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Innovation and technology are crucial in developing a diversified economy, promoting social development and enhancing Hong Kong's competitiveness. Founded by the Ng Teng Fong family in March 2018, the Hong Kong Innovation Foundation (HKIF) is committed to providing inspiring and fun-filled educational activities for children to sharpen logical thinking, develop problem-solving skills and stimulate creativity. HKIF hosted the launch ceremony and graduation day 2018 at the Hong Kong Science Park on 12 January, which was graced by officiating guests Mr Matthew Cheung, Chief Secretary for Administration of HKSAR; Mr Daryl Ng, Deputy Chairman of Sino Group and Director of the Hong Kong Innovation Foundation as well as Ms Nikki Ng, Group General Manager of Sino Group and Director of the Hong Kong Innovation Foundation.

HKIF launched to help groom technology talents for Hong Kong

HKIF is a non-profit-making organisation founded by the Ng Teng Fong family in March 2018. The Foundation believes in creative potential in everyone and offers STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) learning opportunities to primary 3 to junior secondary school students from underprivileged families. Backed by a dedicated tutor team composed of local university students, the Foundation offers programmes with an inquiry-based learning approach to nurture students’ creativity and heighten their sense of achievement and motivation for learning. Along with 2018 graduation ceremony, HKIF also hosted a launch ceremony to officially kick off.
‘With the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, our priority is to strengthen talent development to support Hong Kong’s growth into an international innovation and technology hub. We hope that, through the newly established Hong Kong Innovation Foundation, we can provide more diverse learning opportunities for young people. By instilling innovation in our next generations from a young age and encouraging them to unleash their creativity, we hope that we can equip them with the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to embrace the challenges and opportunities brought about by technological advances,’ said Mr Daryl Ng, Deputy Chairman of Sino Group and Director of Hong Kong Innovation Foundation in the welcome remarks.
‘Sino Group has been promoting innovation and technology through different platforms over the past five years, building an eco-system to support Hong Kong’s development into an innovation hub. We have built a variety of platforms to serve different sectors of the community; for example, Go Code and OC STEM Lab at Olympian City are targeting at young students, while Sino Inno Lab is supporting technology companies by providing a sandbox platform and facilitating co-creation. In addition, the upcoming X Fair will showcase innovative creations to the public,’ said Mr Daryl Ng.

2000 enrolment places offered for students from underprivileged families in 2018; an on-site competition and voting for ‘Most Popular App Award’ staged

The 2018 STEAM courses offered by HKIF include ‘Go Code’, ‘Crazy Circuit’ and ‘Robot Maker’, covering smartphone application coding, circuit artwork creation and robot design. The courses offered 2,000 enrolment places for students from underprivileged families with more than 200 students receiving graduation certificates at the ceremony.
At the ceremony, a number of outstanding students were awarded ‘Outstanding Performance Award of Go Code Intermediate Course’, ‘Outstanding Performance Award of Go Code Advanced Course’, ‘Lenovo Smart Idea Award’ and the ‘Most Popular App Award’. Among them, 12 students from ‘Go Code Advanced Course’ competed with each other at the on-site competition by presenting their mobile applications to the attending guests and striving for their votes.  Student who received the most votes won the grand prize of ‘Most Popular App Award’. In addition, Robot Maker students celebrated their fruitful results by demonstrating their works and participating in the ‘Robot Maker Live Battle’ with guests.

Tutors and students received mutual benefits by pushing creative boundaries together

One of the participants of ‘Go Code Advanced Course 2018’, Jiang Kit-hoi (12 years old), is a primary 6 student living in Shenzhen. To attend the course, he needed to cross the border and spend two hours travelling to Tsim Sha Tsui. Given his hectic schedule and long commuting time, every learning opportunity is precious, and he is always punctual. At the same time, with a more advanced curriculum, his interest in learning was growing. He won the ‘Outstanding Performance Award’ with his creation entitled ‘Up up ball!’. ‘I didn't think about developing anything from computer coding before I participated in the class, but after joining, I gradually became interested in this area, and I am getting more confident. Now, I really want to learn more about coding,’ said Jiang.
Another participant of ‘Go Code Advanced Course 2018’, primary 5 student Julio Yeung Tsz-hei, is no doubt a serious learner. Since his first class, he always brought all the notes and got well prepared in advance so that he could complete every detail in his coding assignment. While discussing his coding work with his mother, he gained her advice from a user’s perspective, realising that he should not limit himself to designing games and instead try creating an app that can help people. In the end, he proudly won the ‘Lenovo Smart Idea Award’ with his innovative app, ‘Quick of Eye and Deft of Hand’ for eyesight testing and training.
Currently a year 4 student at the Education University of Hong Kong, Summer Law joined ‘Go Code’ in 2017 as a teaching assistant after being introduced by her brother who had previously been on the tutor team. Summer had no knowledge about coding in the beginning. She started learning basic coding languages because of the job requirement. Her beginner’s perspective has helped her to understand students’ difficulties in learning and offer comprehensible solutions. ‘Learning to code is really just a process. Through interacting with students in the classroom, I have witnessed the growth of students, how they’ve learned knowledge outside the books and the right attitude of getting along with others. All these experiences have become a part of their life journey. To me, this is the most precious part of the course and it has demonstrated the true value of being an educator," said Summer Law, who is about to embark on a teaching career.
HKIF’s programmes target at primary 3 to junior secondary school students from underprivileged families, including:
‘Go Code’ is a 4-level programme on the basics of Scratch and MIT App Inventor, where students can showcase their creativity through coding a smartphone application. Course scopes range from basic computer concepts to the introduction of basic programming language (C++). In addition to training logical thinking and problem-solving skills applied in daily life, the programme also educates students about positive attitudes toward the use of computers and the internet.
 ‘Crazy Circuit’ is designed for young students by combining art and science with creativity training. Students are inspired to design and create mixed-media circuit artworks using their own creativity and imagination.
 ‘Robot Maker’ enables students to understand mechanics, electronics and robotics through assembling robots. Students are divided into groups to creatively design and build robots with different functions, and command the robots to complete specific tasks by using coding software. 

For more details of the Hong Kong Innovation Foundation, please visit: www.hkif.org.hk