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Tiffany Yuen
Management Trainee
Like many other graduates, I was overwhelmed and stressed when it came to career decision last year. Most of us dream of a job that offers all rounded exposure, a wide spectrum of training and a supportive working environment. Joining Sino is definitely the right choice that enriches my knowledge and broadens my horizons.
My fruitful journey at Sino began at the Property Management Department in Olympian City. My colleagues offered me considerable support to help me understand the daily operation and long-term strategic planning of the shopping mall. I was given opportunities to participate in different projects including tendering and landscape enhancement projects.  
My MT journey continued in picturesque Hong Kong Gold Coast. I was fortunate to be part of the team to organize Hong Kong’s premier motor celebration, the Gold Coast Motor Festival. The challenging yet rewarding experience enabled me to acquire event management and promotion knowledge.
Upon the success of the world-class motor celebration, I joined Retail Leasing team in Tuen Mun Town Plaza. I was responsible for negotiation with potential prospects and involved in trade mix and zoning planning. Despite the challenges, the on-the-job training enabled me to gain market insights and acquire industry knowledge. My communication and analytical thinking skills have also been enhanced.
Working in Sino is not solely about sitting in the office and handling tedious work. Management Trainees are exposed to diverse opportunities to gain a panoramic view of the real estate industry, including but not limited to sales launch events, handover of new residential projects and trial stay in new serviced apartments.
Apart from the professional knowledge obtained from work, I am impressed by the concerted effort made by the company and fellow colleagues in building a better community. There are a large array of CSR events and voluntary activities organized, ranging from Mooncake Speaks our Heart Home Visit and Hand-made Mooncake Workshop to Hong Chi Climbathon Charity Stair Run. Through these voluntary events, we are able to contribute to society and render a helping hand to the needy.  
Sino’s MT Programme offers you well-rounded experience which is the key for successful career development. Don't hesitate and join us now!
Tiffany Yuen