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Annabel Tong
Management Trainee
Before I embarked my journey as a Management Trainee in Sino Group, I pondered on different opportunities for my first career. I majored in surveying in university and most of my classmates chose the path to become a professional surveyor after graduation. For me, however, I seek for a career which could provide me holistic exposure to the real estate industry instead of a conventional and relatively stable role in the professional field. I am intrigued to enter this industry because of its fast pace accompanied with its close link with society’s needs. Working in a developer, company offers a perfect opportunity for me to grasp the soaring needs of the real estate market and understand the development of a project from scratch.

I have my first attachment in Sales Department which allows me to get involved in the preparation and sales operation of Sino’s many ongoing residential projects. My regular duties include conducting research on other residential projects in Hong Kong, to keep abreast of the current real estate market transactions and demands from our customers. Aside from devising new strategies, I have participated in the sales launch of our new project – Madison Park. I witnessed how different functions, including administration, operation and marketing cooperate as a team to serve customers in our sales office in Olympian City.

My first two months in Sino Group has been filled with new challenges which urged me to grow exponentially in my position. Despite occasional pressure to keep up with our competitors, I found immense achievement in implementing new strategies and communicating with our customers. This sense of achievement ignited my inner passion to keep learning from the ever-changing real estate market in order to facilitate the success of Sino Group’s core business.

If you have the determination to achieve excellence in the real estate market, start a new journey in Sino Group’s Corporate Management Trainee Programme!
Annabel Tong