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Kas Yip
Senior Officer, Leasing Department
To begin your work life journey, you would probably look for a job which could provide dynamic working experience.  While you are thinking about your life goal, have you also considered what your career aspiration is?
I once asked myself this question and I found the answer through Sino Group’s Management Trainee Programme.
During the programme, I have the chance to work in various department including Business Technology, Retail Marketing & Promotions and Retail Leasing. The attachment gave me ample opportunity to utilize my capability.  I had participated in digitalization projects, shopping mall events organization, customer loyalty programme as well as leasing projects for retail brands. The diversified work experience certainly helped me acquire the skills and knowledge that are value-added to my career development.
Apart from the attachment experience, management trainees also participated in special projects and corporate events such as handover project of Sino’s new residential property Corinthia By The Sea, carpark sales of existing residential units, Sino Club’s anniversary celebration, Gold Coast Motor Festival and a series of corporate social responsibility activities.
The programme is enriching yet it is also challenging!  I am thankful for the support and encouragement from top management, mentorship and supervision by senior colleagues.  They listened to our ideas and provided us with guidance for continuous improvement. Human Resources Department has also nurtured our growth with training and regular development progress review.
I am also thankful to the supportive MT buddies. We accompany one another to overcome challenges.  For example, we worked together for the annual dinner performance which showed our teamwork and innovation quality.
Sino’s Management Trainee Programme enabled me to explore, grow and contribute leading to accomplishments that I am proud of.  The integration of all these elements of the programme created a meaningful start for my career. 

Kas Yip