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Eric Chu
Assistant Manager, Leasing Department
Sino Corporate Management Trainee Programme is a well-structured one which provides extensive exposure to different business units of the Group.
My first attachment was in Office Leasing. Under the portfolio of my team, there are two award-winning skyscrapers, Skyline Tower and Exchange Tower. During my stay, I got the chance to understand the fundamentals of leasing activities.
I was then assigned to work on a special project on ‘Digitalization’. I spent two months on the project which I mainly focused on digitalization of marketing, especially social media marketing. During the time, we got the chance to have presentations and meetings with the top management to present and discuss our findings and suggestions.
Towards the end of 2013, I got the chance to take part in the sales launch of one of the largest first-hand residential projects of the year, The Avenue. Through administration work at back office and dealing with customers directly at the frontline, we were able to gain an overview of how a new residential project is launched under the new ordinance.
My second rotation was in Industrial Leasing. During my 4-month attachment, I had the opportunities to negotiate with tenants and clients directly. It provided me with hands-on experience of leasing work.
Being a Management Trainee, we would also be involved in various activities, including CSR events, Town Hall Meeting, Seasonal Cocktail, etc.
Starting your career with Sino Group MT Programme would be rewarding. If you like to take on challenges, gain the knowledge, skills and experience to pave your future in the industry, this would be your choice.
Eric Chu