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The Sino Group encourages continuous learning and provides a wide spectrum of training programmes for all levels of employees throughout their career within the Group.
Everyone can make use of ongoing courses and seminars and workshops on management, business, service delivery, leadership, as well as specific technical skills to develop their skills and expand their knowledge continuously.
The Sino Group also encourages self-development of employees through taking up job-related external education and training programmes. Where appropriate, education assistance and examination leave will be provided to support self-development initiatives.
The Sino Group values people as important assets. The Corporate Management Trainee Programme, provide systematic development programme to guide and support the career development of talented recent graduates along different paths within the Group. Mentoring Programme is also in place to provide structured mentorship to promising employees to facilitate their career development.
Sino Group

Training Programme

1. General Skills Training Programme
  • New Hire Orientation
  • Effective Presentation Skills Workshop
  • Negotiation Skills Workshop
  • Time Management Skills Workshop
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making Workshop
  • Serving internal Customers
  • Interpersonal Communication Skills Workshop
  • Stress management Workshop
  • Positive Mindset Workshop
2. Customer Services Training Programme
  • Customer Satisfaction Workshop
  • Professional Telephone Manner and Handling Skills
  • Professional Grooming Workshop
  • Complaint Handling Skills Training
  • Satisfying Hard-to-please Customers Workshop
3. Leadership and Management Development Programme
  • Supervisory Skills for Supervisors
  • Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness Training Series
  • Project Management Training
  • Behavioral Interviewing Techniques Workshop
  • Effective Meeting Skills
  • Goal Setting for Business Performance Enhancement
  • Performance Appraisal Interview Techniques Workshop
  • Teamwork Fostering
  • Effective Communication and Influencing Skills
  • Seminars on Leadership and Management Practices
4. Language Training Programme
  • Business Mandarin (courses of various levels)
  • Business English in Writing (courses of various levels)
  • Oral Business English (courses of various levels)
5. Sino Academy
  • Sino Leasing Academy
  • Sino Property Management Academy
  • Sino Star Service Academy
  • Sino Maintenance Academy
  • Sino Security Academy
  • Sino Language Academy
  • Sino Landscape Academy
  • Sino Clubhouse Academy
  • Sino Safety Academy
  • Sino Green Academy
  • Sino Cleaning Academy
  • Sino Car park Academy
6. Seminars on legal issues and ordinances in Hong Kong
  • Briefing on Prevention of Bribery Ordinance
  • Briefing on Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance
  • Briefing on Ordinances regarding Equal Opportunity and Discrimination
  • Briefing on Competition Ordinance