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Employees are the most valuable stakeholders of Sino Group.  We put in great effort and investment to provide training and development opportunities for our employees to support their career growth within the company.
A wide spectrum of training programmes for all levels of employees are offered to promote and encourage continuous learning.  These include courses, seminars and workshops on personal effectiveness, management and leadership, customer service, professional and technical skills.
We also encourage employees to pursue self-development and sponsor them to attend job-related external formal education and training programmes.
Sino Group

Training Programme

1. General Skills Training Programme
Workshops range from onboarding orientation to personal effectiveness enhancement including communication and presentation skills, positive mindset, time and task management.
2. Customer Service Training Programme
Workshops aiming to equip employees with all rounded customer service skills are organized ranging from developing service mindset, acquiring customer service skills to projecting professional image.
3. Leadership and Management Development Programme
A variety of training programmes are provided to develop leadership and management competencies of our leaders at various levels.  The overall aim is to strengthen the leadership capability of the company.
4. Language Training Programme
Comprehensive Putonghua and English training programmes are organized to upgrade the English and Putonghua proficiency of our employees continuously.
5. Sino Academy
12 training academies are established including Property Management, Leasing, Landscape etc. covering over 100 courses to help employees acquire functional knowledge and skills.
6. Seminars on Legal Issues and Ordinances in Hong Kong
Talks on Prevention of Bribery Ordinance, Competition Ordinance, Equal Opportunity and Discrimination Ordinance and Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance are organized regularly.  We believe understanding and putting ordinance into practice at work is a prerequisite to uphold integrity which is a top value of Sino Group.