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Sino Land's land bank of 22.1 million square feet (attributable floor area) contains a well-diversified portfolio of properties:
  • commercial (39.4%)
  • residential (37.1%)
  • industrial (11.0%)
  • car parks (7.1%)
  • hotels (5.4%)
Most of the Group's property projects are situated in good locations and conveniently served by various modes of transport.
The Group's commercial and industrial buildings, car parks and hotels are mainly for investment purposes, which generate a steady stream of recurrent income for the Group. 
The following charts show the breakdown of Sino Land's land bank as at 30 June 2019.

Land Bank of Sino Land Company Limited
22.1 million square feet
(As at 30 June 2019)

Lank Bank of Sino Land Company Limited
Composition by Usage
(As at 30 June 2019)

Land Bank of Sino Land Company Limited
Breakdown by Geographical Location
(As at 30 June 2019)